Gianfranco Costamagna:
> [...]
> I'm attaching the patch I did try to craft some minutes ago, [...]

Thanks. :)

> (I'm still not a perl man, I'm not sure I did it correctly, and moreover I 
> had trobles
> in doing the string concatenation)
> G.

No problem, I am happy to assist. :)

> -         doit("abi-compliance-checker -l $package -d1 $base -d2 $abidump 
> -report-path ${path}_report.html");
> -         doit("abi-compliance-checker -q -l $package -d1 $base -d2 $abidump 
> -xml -report-path ${path}_report.xml");
> +         doit('abi-compliance-checker', '-l', $package, '-d1', $base, '-d2', 
> $abidump, '-report-path', ${path}.'_report.html');
> +         doit('abi-compliance-checker', '-q', '-l', $package, '-d1', $base, 
> '-d2', $abidump, '-xml', '-report-path', ${path}.'_report.xml');

Looks correct to my eye.  Personally, I would probably have used:

 doit(..., '-report-path', "${path}_report.html");
 doit(..., '-report-path', "${path}_report.xml");

But AFAICT your version is equally correct and we are just debating code
style at the moment. :)


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