Control: retitle -1 zsh: man completion broken since 5.4.1
Control: severity -1 normal
Control: tag -1 + moreinfo unreproducible

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> There's a major regression, which breaks my startup scripts:
> zira% alias foo=bar
> zira% foo() { : }
> zsh: defining function based on alias `foo'
> zsh: parse error near `()'

I don't see what should be wrong here. Seems like a new safe-guard
avoiding redefining an alias as function without unaliasing it first.
Looks legit to me on a first glance.

Digging through the upstream commits, I found this commit which looks
like this new behaviour is totally on purpose:

  commit bb218704d27bcca9aa4426296dcd5c13d58b330a
  Author: Peter Stephenson <>
  Date:   Tue Jan 10 19:14:26 2017 +0000

    40306 with doc tweaks: Change behaviour expanding alias in ()
    function definition.
    Now an error unless the () is part of the same error as the name.
    Add ALIAS_FUNC_DEF option to allow it again.

So you should either add this option or change the syntax of your
startup scripts. I hence consider this to be a non-bug. Retitling and
downgrading the bug report accordingly for the remainder of the bug

> Well, I'm not sure whether there are other issues or this is a
> consequence of the above bug, but completions are alo broken.
> For instance, I can no longer complete on the "man" command.

Works fine for me on a first glance, both without arguments as well as
with the beginning of a command already typed.

Hence the tags moreinfo + unreproducible.

                Regards, Axel
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