Salvatore Bonaccorso dixit:

>For the security-upload s/stretch/stretch-security/ but that was
>already commented by Moritz :)

OK, will do.

>On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:36:57PM +0200, SC)bastien Delafond wrote:
>> > Since I do not upload to past releases often: do I just dput them,
>> > or do I put them on a different upload server/queue?
>> Thank you, the stretch one looks alright. You can simply upload it to
>> security-master[0]. Don't forget to build with -sa as the package will
>> be new there.

That would be “dput security-master *.changes”, for future reference.

>Actually please do only the first one with -sa, then wait for the
>ACCEPTED mail into the embargoed queue, then the second one without
>-sa (preferably, otherwise this would cause potential issues when
>uploading the packages from security-master to ftp-master for the
>proposed-updates queues).

OK, I understand.

>> Please do the same for the jessie fix (targetting jessie-security of
>> course), including -sa.

>>For wheezy, you'll need to check directly with the Debian LTS team, that
>>can be reached via

Will do.

>Thanks a lot for your work!

Thanks for guiding me through it, as well.

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