Package: minissdpd
Version: 1.5.20161216-1
Followup-For: Bug #889028

general problem with the current package is /etc/default/minissdpd missing while it's used to query for minissdpd startup options (both /etc/init.d/minssdpd and /lib/systemd/system/minissdpd.service). previous package version had this file included

i also believe debconf based configuration step have to be added to pre-inst phase to let user specify network interface for minissdpd to listen onto (see MiniSSDPd_INTERFACE_ADDRESS variable in /etc/default/minissdpd). additionally such debconf configuration step better include -6 option configuration (or an ability to specify additional options) if minissdpd should also listen for IPv6 (see MiniSSDPd_OTHER_OPTIONS variable in /etc/default/minissdpd)

Vladislav Artemyev

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