On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 11:43:56AM +0000, James Clarke wrote:
> What version of glibc do you have? Have you got any interesting (to ld.so)
> environment variables exported or configuration files changed?

root@appvm:/home/user# ghc
/usr/lib/ghc/bin/ghc: error while loading shared libraries: 
libHShaskeline- cannot open shared object file: No such 
file or directory
root@appvm:/home/user# export
declare -x HOME="/root"
declare -x LOGNAME="root"
declare -x OLDPWD
declare -x PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"
declare -x PWD="/home/user"
declare -x SCHROOT_ALIAS_NAME="sid"
declare -x SCHROOT_CHROOT_NAME="sid"
declare -x SCHROOT_COMMAND="-bash"
declare -x SCHROOT_GID="0"
declare -x SCHROOT_GROUP="root"
declare -x SCHROOT_SESSION_ID="sid"
declare -x SCHROOT_UID="0"
declare -x SCHROOT_USER="root"
declare -x SHELL="/bin/bash"
declare -x SHLVL="1"
declare -x TERM="xterm-256color"
declare -x USER="root"
root@appvm:/home/user# dpkg -l |grep libc-
ii  klibc-utils                            2.0.4-11                          
amd64        small utilities built with klibc for early boot
ii  libc-bin                               2.26-6                            
amd64        GNU C Library: Binaries
ii  libc-dev-bin                           2.26-6                            
amd64        GNU C Library: Development binaries
ii  libc-l10n                              2.26-6                            
all          GNU C Library: localization files
ii  linux-libc-dev:amd64                   4.14.13-1                         
amd64        Linux support headers for userspace development

all packages are updated to latest in sid for amd64 (and the fact that I see
this in Qubes seems to be irrelevant as Petter saw this on a plain Debian system
as well).


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