Package: python3-tz
Version: 2018.3-1
Severity: grave

After upgrade to version 2018.3-1:

    >>> import pytz
    >>> pytz.all_timezones

This is caused by this line in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pytz/

        filename = os.path.join('usr','share'
                                'zoneinfo', *name_parts)

So, instead of looking at /usr/share/zoneinfo/$time_zone_name, it is looking at 
(relative path) usr/sharezoneinfo/$time_zone_name (note the lack of comma after 
'share', which leads 'share' and 'zoneinfo' to be merged into a single string 
literal). This code is horribly broken, but it worked because it fell back to 
using time zone files bundled with the package. Now that these files are not 
included anymore (see bug #884079), this package doesn't work!

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