On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:45:51PM -0800, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> Source: lynx
> Version: 2.8.9dev16-2
> Severity: serious
> >From my pbuilder build log:

hmm - where is that?

By the way, since your log is incomplete, there's insufficient information
to comment further.

>    dh_auto_build
>        make -j8

take out the -j8, for a start.

> translating ca.po to ca.gmo
> translating cs.po to cs.gmo
> translating da.po to da.gmo
> translating de.po to de.gmo
> translating eo.po to eo.gmo
> translating et.po to et.gmo
> translating fi.po to fi.gmo
> translating fr.po to fr.gmo
> ...updated homepage URL
> ...updated homepage URL
> ...updated homepage URL
> ...updated homepage URL
> ...updated homepage URL
> ...updated homepage URL
> pass1.tmp:243: keyword "Champ" unknown

This appears to be a problem with your script, which you should solve
before opening a bug report.

Thomas E. Dickey <dic...@invisible-island.net>

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