If I'm following correctly, it appears the issue with python3-keyrings.alt
and libpython3.6-testsuite could be resolved with this change to

<         if hasattr(module, '__file__'):
>         if getattr(module, '__file__', None):

That works as before for missing __file__, and it works as desired for
module object 'keyrings' where __file__ == None when imported to python3.6.

Currently for python3.7 (beta 1) in Sid, no fix is needed in
libpython3.7-testsuite, since module object 'keyrings' has no __file__
attribute when imported to python3.7 beta 1. But to simplify and to handle
future cases, I think you will want to modify the 3.7 regression tests
setup.py as well.

Thanks all for the great work on this.
James Ronald Lovell <ron163...@gmail.com>
Huntsville, AL, USA

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