On Fri, 6 Apr 2018 21:37:39 +0200 Nicolas Boulenguez
<nicolas.bouleng...@free.fr> wrote:
> > use the "hashref" based autoscript?
> The attached updated diff switches
> from strings and sed expressions
> back to arrays (again) and hashrefs (new).

Ok.  Thanks for doing the hashref rewrite. :)

> > The "justdirs" is supposed to be in "opposite" order of "dirs"
> > ("justdirs" are in "removal order" while "dirs" are in "creation order")
> > but as far as I can see that ordering is not preserved in the patch.
> They are not supposed to be in opposite order.


> [...]
> * @justdirs is appended all childs before their parent.  The list is
>   constructed in the same code part actually removing the directory
>   from $tmpdir/usr/local/, so this order is compatible with
>   uninstallation

This was the bit I was missing.  thanks. :)

> [...]
> > I think dh_usrlocal might be ready for some test cases to avoid future
> > breakage.
> The attached test.sh implements some suggested tests.

I have adapted them and included them t/dh_usrlocal/01-basic.t.

Thanks for your work - I am very happy that you helped me improve
dh_usrlocal and include some tests for it as well to avoid future
regressions.  :)


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