On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:09:36PM +0200, Moritz Schlarb wrote:
> Two other "solutions", I can think of would be:
> - Using a switch on the current architecture in debian/rules to just
> don't test on these arches
> - Exclude the arches from Architecture: in debian/control

Third solution:
Fix the bugs.

This happens to work on 64bit little endian, but passing a pointer to
a 64bit variable for a 32bit value is wrong:

Same problem as above, I'd bet the "len = 0" was added as "fix" when 
this bug hit on 64bit little endian:

After fixing the two above bugs, libsearpc builds on s390x.

An en passant finding (not required to fix the FTBFS) is the following 
that is documented to be unsupported, and might break on any 
architecture at any time:

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