[2018-06-14 00:32] Wouter Verhelst <wou...@debian.org>
> Hi,


> On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 03:21:11AM +0300, kact...@gnu.org wrote:
> > I never worked with NSS, but how did it happen, that useradd {in postinst}
> > created user in a way, that userdel {in prerm} could not find?
> That's not what happened.
> The sreview user already existed before the sreview-common package was
> installed, but it did not exist in /etc/passwd; instead, it existed in a
> different location, configured through an NSS module.

Am I correct, some time ago it was created by previous version of maintainer 
when I did not use dh-sysuser?

> The easiest way for you to test this is probably to install libnss-db,
> change the value of ETC in /etc/default/libnss-db to some other
> directory and cull the DBS value so it contains just passwd, then create
> a file called "passwd" in the directory that you pointed ETC to, run
> "make -C /var/lib/misc", and add "db" to /etc/nsswitch.conf on the
> "passwd" line.
> Meanwhile, I'm going to have to implement it properly and remove
> dh_sysuser from my build-depends. Ah well.

So sad. Maybe you could suggest what should I use instead of 'useradd/userdel'
in sysuser-helper to make dh-sysuser also work with NSS?

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