severity 900399 normal

I suggest you get some advice from the forum[1], and as Dmitry mentionned, 
bring the issue to Lenovo.


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> Envoyé: Jeudi 7 Juin 2018 15:26:43
> Objet: Bug#900399: More good news
> Hi!
> Let's lower the severity of this bug and flag it as unverified.
> Given the datasheet for the TB62501 and actual board layout of the
> T500
> - the described scenario (short from the VCC3SW to GND caused by a
> stray
> write to the PMH register) is highly improbable:
> - The LDO inside the RINKAN has an over-current protection set as low
> as
> 55mA and should prevent any damage even if the VCC3SW is shorted.
> After
> the single over-current/under-voltage event, RINKAN LDO is locked in
> the
> OFF state and requires a complete power-off to restart.
> - Unused pins of the PMH are in fact floating
> - Some RINKAN batches do show tendency to malfunction with no
> apparent
> reasons. The main board temperature could be a contributing factor.
> So, we have to seriously consider the possibility that two laptops
> died
> at the same time just by a coincidence.
> We do plan to run a memtest on the restored laptop using a current
> measuring/limiting circuit on the VCC3SW bus. If no excessive current
> consumption would be detected - the memtest has nothing to do with
> the
> issue. If an excessive current during the test would be observed, it
> would get us a direction to resume the investigation.
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> Sincerely yours,
> Sergey Kogan

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