Il 01/12/19 23:33, Dimitri John Ledkov ha scritto:
> All the broken packages, are RC buggy themselves already. Anything that
> is using py2 is RC buggy.

I'm sorry, but this does not look like the way Python maintainers asked
to deal with reverse dependencies: from [1] it is clear that you should
not remove Python 2 support if you have reverse dependencies using it.
The right way is to keep Python 2 and make the rev dep's bug affect #936227.

 [1] https://wiki.debian.org/Python/2Removal

People are using unstable. I agree with the principle that Python 2
applications should disappear as soon as possible, but breaking things
randomly is not going to do any good.

Please, if you see a mistake in my reasoning explain me, otherwise I
will re-enable Python 2 support for 1.67.0 in Debian (I have no idea
about policies in Ubuntu) until reverse dependencies are clean.

Incidentally, it seems that ledger does not have any Python 2 removal
related bug. I would file one.

Thanks, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <g.mascell...@gmail.com>
Postdoc researcher - Université Libre de Bruxelles

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