On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 07:31:32PM -0400, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> Dear Steve Langasek and contributors to these threads,
> Steve, are you still interested in maintaining this package?
> Heimdall-flash has not seen an update since 2016, and Bug #872788
> requesting an update to 1.4.2 has not received a reply from the
> maintainer for almost two years.  Bug #874915 notes the issue of qt4
> removal, which further highlights the necessity of packaging 1.4.2,
> which has qt5 support.
> I believe this package meets the criteria for salvaging:
> https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/ch05.en.html#package-salvaging
> François Etcheverry (see debian-mentors archive for "Bug#928892: RFS:
> heimdall-flash/1.4.2-1") appears to be a new contributor who is still
> unfamiliar with Debian process, is probably not yet using a good MUA
> and is thus struggling with the BTS.  Finally, he's definitely is not
> familiar with the salvaging process, given that there is not yet an
> ITS bug against this package.  I hope to see him learn the necessary
> processes, and learn how to use the necessary tools during the
> Bullseye release cycle.  At this time I believe that he will need the
> support of a comaintainer, mentor, and sponsor to proceed with an ITS,
> and I fear we will lose a potential long-term contributor if he does
> find this support.
> François, using the "reportbug" program against sponsorship-requests,
> and then using the Debian Mentors template to fill in the body would
> have prevented the problems at #928892.  Also, you need to figure out
> what caused all of your newlines to be eaten...  I suspect it's not
> something as simple as using an editor that soft-wraps lines, but
> whatever the cause for this malfunctioning, it will cause you
> unnecessary work as it malinteracts with the BTS.  Finally, are you
> interested in learning everything that is required to maintain
> heimdall-flash long-term, or is your RFS a one-time contribution?

I suggest that you go ahead with the salvaging, we're closing in on
the Qt4 removal and we'll ask for removal of the remaining rdeps in
about two months.


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