On Wed, 4 Dec 2019, Florian Schlichting wrote:

Do you have any plans to port gitso to Python 3?

If not, I will probably just convert this to an RM request as it seems gitso
is unmaintained upstream for many years.

I have in fact started to look into porting gitso to Python 3, but
haven't spent enough time on it to be able to say how long it will take
or if it will be doable with my (very limited) python skills. However I
still use gitso occasionally and would love to keep it around.

Do you have a time frame until such a project would have to be
completed? I was of the impression that I had until the bullseye
release, but the Python 2 removal seems to be progressing with a lot of
energy lately...

Hey Florian,

Yes, the target for Python 2 removal is bullseye release, but since the removal is going to take a long time, work is progressing steadily. Since gitso is a 'leaf' Python 2 package, that's why I poked this bug report.

The package doesn't look all that complicated. I can take a stab at trying to port it to Python 3. If I get it working, perhaps I can ask you to test it?


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