Status update:

I started working on removing the python 2 package, which turned out to be more complicated than necessary. I had to rip out a broken chunk from CMakeLists.txt that caused the build to fail when no Python interpreter is installed. This made at least the build succeed again, but for some reason now the very basic autopkgtest is failing.

The work in progress code to fix this bug is currently tracked in branch python_removal on Salsa:

Check the autopkgtest log from Salsa CI for details about how bad it fails:

The way how bad the autopkgtest fails...

Could not read directory "": No such file or directory
Oops, no bank data file was found in directory ""! The ktoblzcheck library will not work.

... reminds how the package broke in my first attempts of using CMake for building libktoblzcheck 1.50. At that time I added -DINSTALL_RAW_BANKDATA_FILE=1 to dh_auto_configure in debian/rules. Now it looks as if this flag no longer causes the correct bank data path to be hard-coded. We will need to look into the code to see what's different this time.

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