Source: capnproto
Version: 0.7.0-6
Severity: serious
Justification: FTBFS (when it built before)

During archive-wide test rebuilding of an IPv6-only environment (which
appears on some normal buildds)[1] we noticed that this package fails:

  kj/async-io-test.c++:126: failed: expected ("") == (tryParse(w, 
network, "", 5678));; tryParse(w, network, 
"", 5678) = [::ffff:]:80
  stack: 55872da0b7fc 55872d9e5546 7f1351d2c60f 7f1351ccef9a 7f1351d2d7f5 
7f1351d2ea31 7f1351d035ba 7f1351ccef9a 7f1351d03c11 7f1351d2b59c 7f13518f5e0a 
  [ FAIL ] kj/async-io-test.c++:107: legacy test: AsyncIo/AddressParsing (71960 

The full log is available at

One way to replicate this environment is like so:

  # unshare -n
  # ip li set lo up
  # ip li add dummy0 type dummy
  # ip li set dummy0 up


[1] this test showed approximately 100 packages in the archive failing,
but nearly all of them were due to the behaviour of libio-socket-ip-perl,
so will be fixed centrally. I'm filing bugs about the small number of
unrelated cases.

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