George Danchev wrote:
> Therefore I exchanged several mails with Thomas (xorriso upstream, also 
> CC'ed) 
> about adding such functionality to xorriso and here is how it currently looks 
> like:

All looks very sane.

> * the image file (this could be the requested second firmware partition) as 
> given via option, would be written right after the space of the iso image.

Particularly nice as it saves an average of .5 mb.

> b) Do you think that this plan for features of an image generator, would be 
> helpful to debian-cd and d-i, when completed.

Assuming debian-cd does switch to xorriso, so after it supports jidgo;
yes, I think this would be helpful. And we could use it in d-i's own iso
generation earlier.

I would caution that my idea of adding a partition for firmware is
potentially half-baked. Especially since it's only easily accessible
when using a USB stick, not when using a CD. The same problem could be
solved more generally by eg, using multisession to append the firmware
to the iso. But that would require the user run a script; the firmware
parition does allow even a user limited to Windows and no extra programs
to add firmware to their USB stick.

see shy jo

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