Hello folks!

I'm attempting to automate the process of fetching base disk images for
various platforms, and I have to say that the naming of the debian images
seems arbitrary.  Is there any way that we could pick something a little
more consistent, or at least add some symlinks?

To demonstrate the difficulties I've been having, I wrote a little script,

Note the conditional on line 66
Also note the considerably longer and somewhat hard-coded method of
determining the filename and url of the disk image for each supported
release, starting on line 33

My recommendation would be to use only the major version number in the
filename, and to have the file reside in a directory named with the major
version, as well.  This is the way that the other OSs which we support do
it.  Well, Ubuntu uses a string representing the YY.MM instead of a major
version, but at least it's consistent :-)

Can has help please?

Thanks in advance!


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