El 14/05/18 a las 19:26, Jonathan Wiltshire escribió:
> Hi,
> According to my records main security support for Jessie can end any time
> after 17th June. 
> So to the security team: do you have a date in mind?
> I also presume that LTS will take over the existing security suites as
> before. [1] lists the current delta between security and o-p-u-new which
> would ideally be as short as possible before the EOL date.
> For everyone else, assuming it'll be soon after that date please
> indicate your availability from:
>  - 23rd Jun
Publicity available

>  - (30th Jun I already know is impossible, for the sake of completeness)
Publicity we can't

>  - 7th July
Publicity available.

> or adjacent Sundays.
Sundays we are available, with some difficulty if we decide 1 July, but do-able.

Laura Arjona Reina

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