What are the many errors you are seeing?

From what I recall things take a while (in the case of some platforms without a 
HRND enabled that can be several hours) to buuld up enough entropy before some 
services (such as sshd) can successfully start.  

I agree that havegd will help here.  But is this really the fault of 

Just because your debootstrap is slow to start because it is entropy starved 
isn't a bug in itself. Perhaps the correct thing to do would be add an entropy 
gathering package to offer to enable differant HRNGs it can autodetect and then 
offer a MetaRNG (such as havegd).  

Of cause should this be a recommended package or default?
Should it be linked/installed  by system and environment packages that provide 
random services or by consumers of random such as sshd?

On 5 February 2020 01:26:58 GMT, ykla <ykla...@gmail.com> wrote:
>Debootstrap aarch64 base system not includes haveged, It makes many
>for ssh. SSH only open after local user login.Please add haveged

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