Sorry.  No.
It isn't safe to mirror security patches because we can not assure the 
integrity of the updates on a mirror server.

We are aware that bandwidth is limited either for financial or geographic 
reasons.    This is why you can install from local media without network 

However any updates AFTER that image has been created will need to be 
downloaded from somewhere.

All i can suggest is that you install images of the latest release (there is a 
point release this comming weekend) as this will include all the fixes 
currently available...

On 5 February 2020 01:34:59 GMT, ykla <> wrote:
>OK, the install cd ask me to change mirrors to download somethings but
>changes security sources. Default source is
>that is slow very much, about 1kb/s on my area. Please change security
>sources when os changes main source or ban security while installing

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