On Thu, Oct 06, 2016 at 10:43:00AM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Adrian Bunk writes ("Re: Bug#839570: Browserified javascript and DFSG 2 
> (reopening)"):
> > Perl's Configure or SQLite are other examples of code with similar 
> > issues currently in Debian, and it would be helpful if the TC would 
> > start by gathering an overview of the different cases and how they
> > are similar or different.
> You've mentioned sqlite3 several times in this thread, but I couldn't
> find a corresponding bug report against src:sqlite3.  Did I miss one ?

I am not sure whether this has been filed as a bug in any affected 
package, but src:sqlite3 is not affected.

The problem is the amalgamation in other packages, for example:

Upstream documentation:
"The use of the amalgamation is recommended for all applications."
"Recall that the SQLite amalgamation contains a lot of C-code that is 
 generated by auxiliary programs and scripts."

> Ian.



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