Dear team,

I’m in the process of moving the source version control of desktop-base from
svn on Alioth to git / GitLab on

[Migration Status]
The svn project has been successfully imported into git with all the history of
branches and tags.
You can find the resulting project on Salsa here:

The scripts used to do the migration can be found at [0].

I plan to do a first upload from these sources shortly.
It will include in particular :
- an updated d/control with the Vcs-* fields pointing at Salsa.
- an update the Maintainer and Uploader fields in the following way:
  * Use debian-desktop@l.d.o as Maintainer; remove Loïc Minier, Fathi Boudra
    and Eshat Cakar from uploaders. Thanks for your past work on the package !

[Packaging Workflow with Git]
I added a README.contribute file at the root of the repository to describe the
proposed contribution workflow :

=== README.contribute ===
For occasional contributions, the preferred way to contribute to this
repository is to create a branch on, create a merge request
and ask for the merge request to be reviewed on

For Debian developers and maintainers doing the tag and publication work for
the package, the preferred workflow is the following:
- During development cycle
   ·  simply git commit, or accept merge requests
- To prepare a release
   ·  gbp dch -R --commit
   ·  gbp buildpackage --git-tag
- To prepare d/changelog for the next development cycle
   ·  gbp dch -N new_version --commit

[Repository Management]
At this stage 2 people have the Owner role and can manage everything related to
the repository on Salsa: Corsac and myself.
Everyone should be free to access the repository but the various distribution
branches are protected and you need a Master or Owner role to be able to commit
to these branches directly or accept merge requests.
My idea is that anyone is free to propose merge requests and the integration
into the distribution branches is subject to review by one of the regular
contributors. I expect that currently I will be the main person doing so but
additional contributors are always welcome !

[Integration with Other Tools]
I’ve set up a webhook on GitLab to send push notifications to #debian-desktop
using KGB.
I’m not aware of any other integration that was running an Alioth.
I like the idea of marking bugs as « pending » in the BTS on push events, but
would like to limit this to the master branch or a couple of branches and such
a limit doesn’t seem to be supported by the salsa webhooks at [1]. If someone
wants to improve this, help is welcome.

If you’ve always wanted to start contributing to debian theming but somehow
didn’t, now’s the perfect time. It has never been easier !



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