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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 21:21:50 +0200
Source: docky
Binary: docky python-docky
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.0.5-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian CLI Applications Team 
Changed-By: Rico Tzschichholz <ric...@t-online.de>
 docky      - Elegant, powerful, clean dock
 python-docky - Elegant, powerful, clean dock - Python support library
 docky (2.0.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release 2.0.5 "Be proud of your dock",
     changes include:
     + remove --debug flag from launcher for lower memory usage
     + update the about dialog credits to list documenters and make translation
       tab easier to read
     + change url in about dialog to the launchpad project page
     + Window-Matching
       - fix for applications commandline
       - properly match qt creator (LP: #594814)
       - prefer local over global launchers (LP: #588073) (LP: #592841)
       - match prefix for gksudo (LP: #516433)
       - fix nautilus items showing active indicator when desktop
         is focused (LP: #487113)
       - fix matching wine apps that use a prefixed launcher (LP: #596092)
     + Memory Leaks
       - dispose of calendar painter when the clock item is disposed
       - fix leak in AutoHideManager
       - several fixes using Cairo.Context.Target and Pango.Layout
       - fix leak in PagingPainters
       - fix leak in recursive file-deletion
       - fix leaking SeparatorItems, WnckDockItems
       - fix leaks with FileEmblems
       - fix Pixbuf related leaks
       - fix some leaks regarding FileMonitors
       - fix leaks regarding Tiles and AbtractTileObjects
       - fix leaking Glib.FileAdapter caused by unreferenced Action in
     + Handle invalid desktopfile entry and UriFormatException in
       FileApplicationProvider (LP: #595921)
     + fix potential crash for invalid HelperMetadata
     + handle drops correctly
     + fix handling of Helpers in HelperService
     + make the sliders in preferences behave better
     + fix drawing of rotated items
     + fix HoveredItem click-position
     + avoids fatal errors on console when loading embedded icons when no
       height or width is specified and when dock items have a null Icon
     + fix icon theme change not refreshing the dock icons (LP: #590205)
     + fix SVG rendering bug
     + fix iconsize temporarily getting large when adding to full dock
       (LP: #579576)
     + fix the 'crash in PinToDock' (LP: #588073)
     + make 3d background height more consistent and a tad larger (LP: #503038)
     + fix dragging multiple files to a folder on the dock, which caused
       a crash and data corruption (LP: #579049)
     + don't request animations if urgent state is removed from a window and
       fix glow location (LP: #596422)
     + fix window previews being offset (LP: #495065)
     + fix broken zoom after shrinking icon size (LP: #598924)
     + fix problem with hovers still visible when painters show
     + fix displaying default icon in place of missing file emblem (LP: #534651)
     + fix crash when gconf key for menus_have_icons is not set (LP: #573751)
     + make sure painters fit on screen (LP: #589978)
     + fix icon minimize animations not working immediately for some newly
       opened windows
     + don't dispose our static DockyItem
     + fix CurrentDesktopOnly not working when dragging a window across desktops
       (LP: #600290)
     + GMail:
       - fix thread-guards and remove deprecated code
       - fix problem with feeds that don't have an author entry (LP: #595530)
     + NPR: fix bug where removing your last NPR station unloaded the docklet
       and fix station icon
     + NetworkManager: fix crash caused when NM goes away
       and fix icons and add another fallback icon (LP: #588581)
     + Mounter:
       - fixed some leaks
       - only remove mounted items if they were successfully unmounted
         (LP: #597637)
       - fix duplicate icons showing in mounter (LP: #525306)
     + Weather: fix feels like temp showing incorrect for metric (LP: #597670)
     + RecentDocuments:
       - fixed some leaks
       - fix sensitivity of recent docs clear menu item - even if docky shows
         the list as empty does not mean it cant be cleared
   * debian/patches/01_use_cli_for_wrapper.patch:
     + patch wrapper script to meet the Debian CLI Policy
   * debian/control:
     + Bump Standards version to 3.9.0 (no changes needed)
 d39e9427daacf539e77cd5442c6676b8cfa137a8 2069 docky_2.0.5-1.dsc
 02930b3bb9f86aeed328026c2071a040db221296 966011 docky_2.0.5.orig.tar.gz
 3167eeec82c3d1fcf5f1da5ec22ab167f744cb43 8971 docky_2.0.5-1.diff.gz
 be588692d5249db999914702408c01f329b7c1e1 564846 docky_2.0.5-1_all.deb
 32f88f55ad82077e9826668ec64020a9fa1ee8cd 9006 python-docky_2.0.5-1_all.deb
 16acfaed47713d17cb22e1eeba07c64d78612a274c7df830726649bcffd221b3 2069 
 c06697fae36d4efbaf0b764315f4f54b7e101b1100db71a917abcb3df0b69a8b 966011 
 4b8c722bd34ff3336c40131ca56c4523ffadacc05560a70730e297b8704a07a9 8971 
 a3045e7c59eb6c86000f951ac7003ac086a619dd60089d8f01eff25d1629a15a 564846 
 d7a3936bf43cd87828df66bd803359e6b9a8c70f09fb7a4dc4a5cb25caf5c165 9006 
 6ecf78f8cd79c08f4f8cce09a5ef93c1 2069 x11 optional docky_2.0.5-1.dsc
 c8779b626c7c2e16d80bc717dfe92fe7 966011 x11 optional docky_2.0.5.orig.tar.gz
 fee1a0c4ba93cfa81a88a9fa75f85dbf 8971 x11 optional docky_2.0.5-1.diff.gz
 8e8ae5e812f894c52c5107dbc5931d00 564846 x11 optional docky_2.0.5-1_all.deb
 e4769a94ab1cbdd3e69de301890c99fd 9006 python optional 

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