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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:12:50 +0100
Source: dgit
Binary: dgit dgit-infrastructure
Architecture: all source
Version: 2.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ian Jackson <ijack...@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
Changed-By: Ian Jackson <ijack...@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
Closes: 796773 800054 800060 800078 800110 809516 827878 827892 829121 833025 
834618 834807 835858 838718
 dgit       - git interoperability with the Debian archive
 dgit-infrastructure - dgit server backend infrastructure
 dgit (2.0) unstable; urgency=low
   Incompatible change:
   * dgit sbuild: does not pass -A to sbuild.  Consequently the default
     build is now simply sbuild's default.  With older sbuilds it was
     possible to override dgit's -A by passing another option.  But this
     has been changed recently and now this default setting is very awkward
     to change for the dgit user.
   * dgit gbp-build: Make --quilt=gbp the default.  (See below.)
   * New tag format (for dgit view) archive/debian/VERSION.
   Major new feature:
   * --quilt=gbp, --quilt=dpm, --quilt=unpacked: Introduce facility for
     split view (dgit/mainiainer view), to improve compatibility with some
     workflow tools.
   New checks and improved behaviours in dgit:
   * When running dpkg-buildpackage, cope if user specified -g or -G.
   * dgit sbuild: check that the set of .changes files found is as we
     expect, before calling mergechanges.  Re:#800060.
   * dgit sbuild: Rename the used-up .changes files to `.inmulti' to
     avoid accidental use of the wrong one (by software, or by users).
   * dgit sbuild: Check that the binary .changes file doesn't contain a
   * Introduce --rm-old-changes to delete previous builds' changes files.
   * Remove any pre-existing _source.changes file before building source,
     as a safety check.
   * No longer tolerate a multitude of .changes files when doing push.
     Instead, insist on a single one.  Closes:#800110.
   * dgit sbuild no longer deletes extranious .changes files; instead
     we rely on --rm-old-changes, or failing that, fail early.
   * When doing quilt linearisation, treat upstream .gitignores not
     in the toplevel the same way we treat ones in the toplevel.
   * When automatically generating quilt patch, honour GIT_COMMITTER_DATE
     for filename creation (makes filename deterministic in test suite).
   * New --overwrite option, replaces need to for user to use
     git merge -s ours.  Closes:#838718.
   * When generating quilt patches from git commits, make patches that
     look quite like git-format-patch output (rather than strange things
     based on an obselete interpretation of DEP-3).
   * When generating quilt patches from git commits, honour (and strip)
     any Gbp-Pq headers (that we understand).
   * Several dgit-generated commits now have slightly better annotations
     from dgit about what it was doing.
   * Before committing to push, check that .dsc and .changes correspond.
   * Better error message if non-split-brain patch stack no longer
     applies (due to new upstream version, or user messing with it).
   * Better error message if HEAD contains changes unrepresentable
     by `3.0 (quilt)'.  Closes:#834618.
   * Much better error message when HEAD and .dsc do not match.
   * dgit-repos-policy-debian: Better error handling.
   * dgit-repos-policy-debian.: fix git-cat-file-handling with multiple
     taints in db (!).
   * dgit-infrastructure has, and uses, its own copies of the perl modules.
     This avoids introducing a versioned dependency between dgit and
     dgit-infrastructure (and also makes it easier to test cross-version
   * Document the dgit-distro.DISTRO.quilt-mode config setting.
   * Clarify the --clean= options' documentation.  Closes:#800054.
   * Discourage use of the --PROGRAM:OPTION escape hatch.  (Apropos
     of various bug reports including #800060 and #833025.)
   * Document the expected form of HEAD for each --quilt= mode.
   * When cleaning up after failed clone, stat the to-be-cleaned-up
     directory before running rmtree on it.  Closes:#796773.
   * Do not call "warn" on failure of cleanup handler in END block
     (since warn has been made fatal and aborts the cleanup chain).
   * Print better error message (with `fail' rather than `die') if
     `dgit clone' cannot create the destination directory.
   * Properly substitute $changesfile in one of the `You can retry'
     messages.  Closes:#800078.
   * Pass --ch:* and -v options to dpkg-buildpackage when building
     source.  Fixes bad Perl poetry syntax.  Closes:#829121.
   * When synthesing a commit from a .dsc from the archive, stop
     internal git reset from printing a confusing message about HEAD.
   * Turn off git gc in the private working areas.
   * Do not fail to do some important quilt processing in some
     --quilt modes.
   * Fix two calls to chdir without proper error checking.
   * Fix a couple of bugs in error reporting.
   * Fix several bugs in .orig detection/recognition.
   * Tidy up refs/dgit-fetch/ after dgit fetch (if successful).
   * Fix handling of in-archive copies.
   * Don't break if user has push.followTags=true.  Closes:#827878.
   * Arrange for the special dgit remote to be skipped by git fetch --all
     etc.  And no longer configure a fetch spec, since it won't work
     anyway.  Closes:#827892.
   * Allow local git config options to override user-global ones,
     as is proper.  Closes:#835858.
   * When generating patch filenames from titles, first transliterate
     them (lossily) to ascii.  Closes:#834807.
   Test suite:
   * When sbuild fails, do not crash due to sed not finding the log
     file.  Instead, simply tolerate the absence of the log file.
   * Put --no-arch-all in build-modes-sbuild act, not only its real_act.
     Cosmetic change only.
   * Set GIT_COMMITTER_DATE and GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and increment them
     explicitly in drs-push-rejects test.  This avoids date dependencies
     which can cause that test to fail on fast computers.
   * Remove some spurios .debs from the example_1.0.tar.
   * Increase sqlite_busy_timeout in debpolicy-dbretry, because old
     zealot is very slow and we need to give the other processes time
     to rollback and release the lock.
   * Test quilt single-debian-patch.
   * Provide `tartree-edit gitfetchinfo' etc. to help with comparing
     different test case git working tree tarballs.
   * Test dgit-repos-policy-debian with multiple (identical, as it happens)
     existing taints.
   * Provide better log output for certain failures.
   * Many new tests (especially for new functionality).
   * Add missing debhelper (>=8) to test suite's global Depends.
   * tstunt arrangements: Fix mishandling of PERLLIB, etc.
   * tstunt-parsechangelog: Produce Timestamp field (like official one
     does, now).
   * Do not fail when git requires --allow-unrelated-histories.
 ee8d01fdd0c738eaa8cb6e5e2119a14231c67ca1 1283 dgit_2.0.dsc
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 be92cb4013e9f369ad4fbad13d06bd828a7b37202ee31b84e306e46c8e18cd7e 39352 
 70df4f0986abfbb210bff28a03df8b8818846d3b3f0e642ebc3f2f207b2f25e9 79030 
 29ad75b33a518bea326653d16d1ba2b3 1283 devel optional dgit_2.0.dsc
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 3ec8eadc1d11767e0cdbccf99d2ec80f 39352 devel extra 
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