On ma, 2008-02-25 at 15:58 +0100, nic wrote:
> hi together,
> I'm not quite sure how to properly use this debian-list (I should have
> read before, I know...).
> I spontaneously thought of an ant: It works hard, it's tough, well, and
> with a fat grin on its face. just a first idea: the 'debiant'. Just
> playing with words. I tried some rough sketches, but didn't like them.

I've worked for a company named after an ant hill, whose logo was an
ant, and whose justification for those were that "the employees were
like worker ants", that is, insignificant and trivially replaceable.
This did not make us employees feel at all motivated.

I'd really rather see something nicer than an ant as a mascot. :)

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