> >  * Does not depend on replacing init
> Wasn’t there some mention of xfce needing gnome-settings-daemon as well,
> which would kinda defeat the point?

Not as far as I can tell:

nik@keks:~ $ apt-rdepends xfce4 | grep gnome                                    
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
1|nik@keks:~ $

> And IceWM is a small, fast, usable default choice which will be familiar
> to everyone who used a GUI computer in the last decades, except maybe for
> the last 3-4 years when everyone went crazy over swish-to-do-stuff inter-
> faces, phones, etc.

As a matter of fact, IceWM comes, in icewm-themes, with a Windows XP
theme :D.

On the other hand, XFCE4 is more or less what GNOME used to be; it can,
with some exceptions, be seen as a drop-in replacement for GNOME 2, but
it sucks less than GNOME 2 ever did.

I like IceWM as well, but XFCE is a good decision.

> And then present Debian with all DEs, with the theme-du-release, to the
> media, so that people truly get that Debian is the Universal OS, not just
> “another GNOME ship”.

Full ACK!


* concerning Mozilla code leaking assertion failures to tty without D-BUS *
<mirabilos> That means, D-BUS is a tool that makes software look better
            than it actually is.

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