Hi there,

I think we all agree that the init system discussion is far away from
what is good for the project, under any political andsocial aspect.

I don't like systemd either, and I do not like the decision of the TC,
but what annoys me most is the attitude of some (too many) of my fellow
SysV supporters.

I do not know how many of them are trolls, but the content I had to read
on this mailing list in the last days is clearly intolerable.

systemd, be it as one init system or as the only init system, will not
make me leave Debian, but what I had to learn about parts of the
community could easily do so.

Please, whoever cares about that, do not hesitate to remove those people
from the project!


* concerning Mozilla code leaking assertion failures to tty without D-BUS *
<mirabilos> That means, D-BUS is a tool that makes software look better
            than it actually is.

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