> Le lundi 17 novembre 2014 à 11:15 -0800, Don Armstrong a écrit :
>> §6.3.6 does not prevent the CTTE from being presented an issue early. It
>> stops the CTTE from deciding an issue before a consensus approach has
>> been attempted. In this particular case, I felt that a consensus
>> approach had been attempted when this issue came up for a vote. This
>> particular bug has been open since May, and was discussed at length.
> There have been discussions, specifically on the debian-ctte mailing
> lists, about upgrading to systemd only if the system is not at risk of
> breaking sysadmin changes (inittab, custom init scripts).

I do not see why this issue even had to be discussed. It looks obvious
to me that a package should avoid changing or breakign anything outside
it if it is not necessary. The CTTE's decision therefore is the only
reasonable one, and I wonder why realising this needed the CTTE.

That said, good job, technical committee, for saving users from touching
a running system :)!


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