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> I suspect that, from his perspective, closing the bug report _makes_
> that report "disappear with no response" - or, at least, that it makes
> it do so to a greater extent than leaving it open with no answer would
> do.

Closing bugs don't make them disappear, we're not deleting them.

> "Bug report filed, remains open indefinitely with no response" comes
> across as "no one cares", true - but "bug report filed, closed without
> attempting to fix" comes across as rejection of the report, and
> therefore, of the idea that the report represents a valid problem. It's
> easy to see how the latter is a stronger negative than the former.

I'd be much more annoyed at not getting a response than «your bug report
lacks crucial detail needed to debug the problem».  The latter is
actionable on my part (I can try to find the information/answer the
questions).  In the former case, was there something wrong with the bug
report?  Did it even reach a human?  Did they just not care?  It's hard
to know, and it's completely inactionable (unactionable?) from the
submitter's point of view.

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