Am 17.09.2016 um 12:24 schrieb Josh Triplett:
> I can't think of anything this would buy us, other than a few bytes in
> the Packages file.

It's a valid question. I guess I need to explain what triggered this
email. A couple of days ago I uploaded a new version of gtk-doc-tools
(to experimental) which dropped the dependency on gnome-common. This
dependency has been added a long time ago and is no longer valid today.
gnome-common on the other hand pulls in a bunch of other packages, among
them pkg-config. Dropping that gnome-common dependency from
gtk-doc-tools made quite a few packages FTBFS, because some relied on
pkg-config to be pulled in "somehow".
Having to add pkg-config as explicit Build-Depends causes churn in this
particular case.
Given the ubiquituous use of pkg-config I was wondering if we shouldn't
just declare it as available.

I'm pretty sure there are many more cases where a package needs
pkg-config to build but doesn't declare it in Build-Depends because
pkg-config is pulled in via transitive dependencies. If that dependency
chain is broken at some point this would cause build failures.


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