On Wed, Sep 07, 2016 at 09:26:37AM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Full disclosure: several of my packages in the archive have similar tests.
> Those tests are part of the upstream test suite for the getaddrinfo and
> getnameinfo replacement functions for OSes that are too old to have them.
> They check the results of the replacement getaddrinfo function against the
> results of gethostbyname, and similarly with getnameinfo and
> gethostbyaddr, and tolerate environments with no DNS by skipping the
> tests.  I intentionally run those tests on all builds, even ones that have
> getaddrinfo and getnameinfo, because otherwise they would never run for me
> (I have no ancient hosts around) and I wouldn't know if the portability
> code bit rotted for some reason.
> While I could put in some sort of elaborate workaround to avoid running
> those tests in a Debian package build environment, I see no point in doing
> so, don't really like the additional complexity, see no particular reason
> why Debian should require this, and would probably just close any bugs
> asking for that.  (That said, I'm open to being convinced by good
> arguments.)

The only controversial cases seem to be tests, and these can run
optionally after the packages have been built.

Has anyone already thought of moving such tests into a separate optional 
step after the build is completed?

What I have in mind is the last lines of dpkg-buildpackage output being:

  This package contains optioal tests that might access the network.
  You can run them separately using
    dpkg-buildpackage --run-network-tests

Commandline parameter, DEB_BUILD_ option or buildpackage.conf might also 
define that they run automatically after building the packages - this is
then your personal policy, and autobuilders are also able to run the 
tests if they want to.

This would allow automated checking that the normal build does not 
access the network as well as everyone with privacy concerns to not
opt-in to running them, without making it much harder to run them,



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