Gianfranco Costamagna writes ("Re: Re: Re: lirc and new upstream release, can 
we update?"):
> But since that, nobody has answered/reviewed/addeed us or anything else.
> I got a (back to january), a nice review with an "ETOOBUSY, come back on 
> june" or whatever
> and now it is september and freeze is approaching...
> I would like to avoid a new stable with the old libirman/lirc

Thanks for your energy and attention.  I want to unblock you.
Based on what has been said so far, and a quick review of the list
archives and BTS:

Please hijack[0] (salvage) the package.  I will sponsor your upload.

If you are able to persuade the alioth admins to grant you membership
of the team on alioth, then of course, please do so.  If not, put
yourself in the Maintainer field, and we can sort the alioth group out

When you have prepared your upload please contact me by private email,
[1] or post a reference your package here for review, if you prefer.
Please also CC a copy of your sponsorship request to and/or pkg-lirc-maint, so that anyone on that
list can comment.

To lirc@p.d.o: if anyone is reading this and objects to Gianfranco
becoming a maintainer of this package, please step forward ASAP, and
in any case reply within the next 7 days to both me and to -devel.


[0] That is, prepare a new upload, of the new upstream version,
intended for stretch, fixing as many of the outstanding bugs as you
can, and adding yourself to Uploaders.

[1] If you are using a git-based workflow, please send me a reference
to your git branch, including the specific commit hash, as well as a
reference to your source package.  (I will use dgit to do the upload
if I can.)

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