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> The idea of a gift is that it is free. You most assuredly know that in open
> source software is not considered to be a free gift, but something that
> requires a "retribution" (contribution in return).

Check your assumptions.  This is most definitely *not* the position of many
contributors to our community.

> >Maybe, given the above, you can see how weird this looks for you to say
> >this about someone who gave you a gift.

> I don't agree with your gift statements. I hold a different tenure about
> this. If I gave my sister a computer that would not be as easy to use (which
> all computers are, in a sense) then for the living hell of me I would be
> expected to take care of it indefinitely.


> >But you don't get to do that.  I refuse to grant you that sort of
> >authority over my life; I find it intrusive and, despite your generally
> >polite phrasing, exceptionally rude at its core.  I don't think you're
> >intending to be rude, but that is the result.  Just imagine saying these
> >things to a family member who had given you a gift, and I think you'll
> >understand my feeling.

> I don't think you understand my family.

To summarize:

 - Russ has patiently tried to help you understand why the relationship
   between Debian and its users is *not* a customer-vendor relationship, and
   users do *not* have the right to expect that Debian, or a particular
   Debian developer, fix their personal problem
 - You have responded by telling someone with 20 years of experience in Free
   Software why he's wrong when he talks about the kind of relationship that
   he's willing to have with his users, that he does not have the right of
   self-determination that he is asserting, and that your world view is the
   correct one instead of his.

So thanks, I guess, for being an object lesson in why it's necessary for
Free Software developers to set boundaries in their work?


As long as your name does not appear at this URL, you get to decide for
exactly 0 Debian Developers what they spend their time on in Debian.

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