Sorry, I've promised not to react anymore to this subject, but I felt myself
obliged after the manifest and explicit violation, on my sense, of the DSC by
some people claiming that they contribute to Debian only for their own sake and
do not care about users frustration caused by their poor SW quality.

On Tue, 2016-09-20 at 12:46 +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Bart, you have taken the gift analogy in a too literal sense, but it's
> just an analogy, and it may have its flaws.
> Instead of a gift, I see it more like a fruit that you take from a tree.
Can you please explain to me how do you understand the following statements in
the DSC?

   1. ...
   2. ...
   3. We will not hide problemsWe will keep our entire bug report database open 
forpublic view at all times. Reports that people file online will promptly 
becomevisible to others.
   4. Our priorities are our users and free softwareWe will be guided by the 
needs ofour users and the free software community. We will place their 
interests firstin our priorities. We will support the needs of our users for 
operation in manydifferent kinds of computing environments. We will not object 
to non-free worksthat are intended to be used on Debian systems, or attempt to 
charge a fee topeople who create or use such works. We will allow others to 
createdistributions containing both the Debian system and other works, without 
any feefrom us. In furtherance of these goals, we will provide an integrated 
system ofhigh-quality materials with no legal restrictions that would prevent 
such usesof the system.
When I decided to join Debian I did accept those statement, did you and the
For me these are the most valuable rules in this project, but unfortunately I
see that more and more new contributers ignore them. I don't say most of
contributers but probably the most noisy one that react systematically on any
thread but instead of trying to solve the technical problem, they bring an
ethical one and try to enforce their point of view on the subject.

I feel that this d-d list becomes more political than technical and this is
something making me more and more sad. I did love this project and gave it my
time, but feel more and more frustrated each time I read this list.

I don't want to blame anyone, but just kindly ask to keep discussions in line
with Debian social contract and constitution. That is in my understanding
committing to help Debian, users in order to make it the best operating system.
That was true few years ago (at least it was the most stable one). It becomes
less and less true.

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