On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, john.k...@vfemail.net wrote:
> Is the reason for closing the bug 837459 appropriate here? The bug is still
> here and no backported version.

I believe it was appropriately closed, yes.

#837459 is not a request for a backport.  Instead, it is a bug about
something that was already fixed in the versions of the package in
testing and unstable, so the maintainer closed the bug.

Proper version information was used when you opened bug, as well as when
it was closed, so the bug tracking system will list that bug as existing
in the version of the package in Debian stable, regardless of it being
closed or not.

The maintainer offered to do a backport *in the message that closed the
bug*, which is very nice of him (and not usual at all).  You answered 10
days ago that yes, you'd like that backport.

However, neither of you opened a new bug report about the backport

I suggest you leave #837459 alone -- it was handled properly -- and if a
backport is not uploaded in some weeks (wait for at least a month, 10
days is certainly not enough), you could then either contact the
maintainer directly by email (and give him some time to answer -- he
might be on vacation or very busy), or file a new, *wishlist* bug asking
for that backport, and refering to bug #836459...

  Henrique Holschuh

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