Jose Gutierrez de la Concha:
> Hi!
> I'm upstream developer for zeroc-ice, in one of the packages build from
> this source zeroc-icegridgui, a bug has been reported regarding missing JAR
> dependencies (Bug#846498).
> The package in question uses java:depends but that seems to not work here
> or maybe is not being used correctly:
> dpkg produces a warning dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package
> zeroc-icegridgui: unknown substitution variable ${java:Depends}
> What is the correct way to declare the dependencies for JARs include in
> separate packages?
> Regards,
> José


I would recommend asking in :)

>From memory, you need a java specific helper tool for these.  Which one
you need depends on the exact package and I am not entirely sure that
all build systems have support.
  Which leads us back to my recommendation of asking the debian-java
team. :)


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