On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 02:38:28PM +0100, Ondrej Novy wrote:
> Hi,
> 2017-01-13 8:46 GMT+01:00 Pirate Praveen <prav...@onenetbeyond.org>:
> > Similar to piuparts auto rejects, I think we should add auto reject when
> > autopkgtest of a reverse dependency or build dependency fails (which was
> > not failing earlier) or cause FTBFS to reverse dependencies.
> >
> just be carefull, because there are some packages which FTBFS in debci
> (example:
> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/debian/rb-pkg/unstable/amd64/swift.html
> )
> and it's bug in debci. Build works fine in buildd and in my local sbuild.

I think you are a little confused. That links to reproducible builds,
which has nothing to do with debci.

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