Dear all,

    I want to adopt one package - Bochs [bochs: IA-32 PC 
emulator<> (package 
info<>)] which is orphaned since 2011 
days. And the current version in sid is 2.6-5.

    The official website shows that the latest version of Bochs is 2.6.9. And 
the history for bochs is as follows:

  *   May 3, 2015: Bochs 
2.6.8<> is now 
  *   November 2, 2014: Bochs 
2.6.7<> is now 
  *   June 15, 2014: Bochs 
2.6.6<> is now 
  *   June 1, 2014: Bochs 
2.6.5<> is now 
  *   May 26, 2013: Bochs 
2.6.2<> is now 
  *   April 7, 2013: Bochs 
2.6.1<> is now 
  *   September 2, 2012: Bochs 
2.6<> is now available.

    What should I do and which document should I read in advance?

    I have been using Debian for three years. I have some knowledge about 
Debian package development. I only have a little experience in debian software 

    Besides, I have a problem in subscribing debian-devel mailing list with 
current email. I confirmed the email, but with no any response.


My best regards to you.

     No System Is Safe!
     Dongliang Mu

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