It seems to be a problem to persuade the upstream develover how
important it is to publish in Linux repositories.

I discussed very often with them about this topic.

I tried to elaborate their benefits of a release in the Linux
distributions. Many of them only see their own application and don't
want to look to the interaction among different applications.

Kind regards


Am 05.04.2018 um 11:42 schrieb Mathias Behrle:
> Dear fellow developers,
> while it is unusual to publish the plans for every and each package I am
> posting nevertheless this informal message, because there are 100+ packages
> involved.
> The short message
> I don't plan to continue the maintenance of the Tryton suite in my *free* 
> time.
> The current state
> - The migration of team and repos to salsa is finished.
> - An actualized and quite up-to-date version 4.6.x of all
>   packages is uploaded to unstable.
> - The last bug fix release was uploaded.
> - I will continue to package the bug fix releases for 4.6, but I won't package
>   the new upcoming version 4.8 under current circumstances. 
> What does this mean?
> Unless someone steps up to sponsor financially the packaging or takes over the
> maintenance I will orphan the suite in due time before the release of buster
> and recommend its removal (version 4.6 will be unsupported at the approximate
> ETA of the release of buster).
> The background
> I am maintaining the suite since now ~8 years, being member of the Tryton
> project since the very beginning since ~10 years. My primary motivation was to
> give some important reference to the Tryton project as well as to complete the
> userland of Debian. I considered this to be a win-win-situation for Tryton as
> well as for Debian users.
> The current evaluation of the situation shows unfortunately a different 
> result:
> - After years of continued discussions and confrontations I have to realize,
>   that the Tryton project still doesn't meet my least expectations of a real
>   community project. Furthermore the work of maintaining Tryton in Debian is
>   quite low valued in Tryton. Constitutional questions and differing opinions
>   are mostly considered annoying. There is a clear tendance to prefer 
> exclusive
>   instead of inclusive behavior (which e.g. recently led due to poor and
>   repudiative communication to the removal of the OpenSUSE packages from the
>   website).
> - The benefit of Tryton in Debian main is quite limited for our users. To get
>   a sustainable solution it is mostly better to use the backports at
>   debian.tryton.org. Thus the packages in main are indeed a very good base to
>   start the backports from, but they are not really the best alternative for
>   everyday use.
> Having said this it is now no more appropriate to invest my personal free time
> into it. I will be glad to continue the work, if some user or company will 
> step
> up with financial sponsoring.
> So far in a nutshell,
> Mathias

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