Jeremy Bicha <> writes:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:56 AM, Gert Wollny <> wrote:

>> So IMO, the right appoach for Lucas Kanashiro and Athos Ribeiro would
>> have been to do a NMU with the usual delay

> The Debian Developer's Reference says that a 0-day NMU is appropriate
> for an RC bug older than 7 days with no developer response:




Fixing the package when it was removed from testing with RC bugs seems
entirely reasonable.  What bothers me is just adding onself as
comaintainer without any discussion, and thus making that upload not an

By all means NMU to fix the RC bugs.  By all means reach out to the
maintainer and ask, if you want to be comaintainer.  But even if you have
the absolute best of intentions, a lot of people are going to react poorly
to having someone just upload their package while adding themselves as a
comaintainer, and it seems very avoidable.  (Maybe there was more
discussion behind the scenes than has so far materialized in this thread,
of course.)

I suspect this was just a miscommunication, but the NMU process is spelled
out to try to avoid exactly this miscommunication, and also because it
provides a lot of signal for figuring out what packages do need a change
of maintainers.

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