On 04/15/2018 09:28 PM, Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> Dear fellow maintainers, dear Lucas and Atheros,
> I'd like to use this opportunity to relay my experiences with Lucas
> Kanashiro (kanash...@debian.org) and Athos Ribeiro
> (athoscribe...@gmail.com). TL;DR Going purely by my "interaction" or
> rather the lack of it with them in the maintenance of gjots2, I have
> some doubts they are fit to be DD or DM.
> Let me be clear, I am not calling for Lucas Kanashiro to be stripped of
> DD privileges, but I would certainly like to raise my objections if
> Athos ever attempted to become DM or DD.  And I want to make sure that
> Lucas' behaviour is documented and known in case of a repeat.

Athos and I already apologized ourselves in your private email that you
sent us April 11th and we said that we could do a better approach and we
would revert that as you requested (even reintroducing a bug with it).
In short, we had a communication issue. Although, from April 11th to
April 15th (yesterday) I was helping in the organization of MiniDebConf
Curitiba and I did not have enough time to figure this out. Sorry for
the delay.

However, I am really upset since you are selling us as the "bad guys"
here, for instance adding our names in the subject was not a good
decision IMO. Moreover, Athos is a newcomer and he is feeling really sad
because of this attack in a public mailing list. He is a very skilled
developer and he was working on the migration of gjots2 to use gtk3
(related to the RC bug), I do not know if he will keep it up after your
email. So blame on me, not him.

> For many years, I have maintained gjots2 and a number of other packages
> in Debian, I am DM.  Towards the end of March, totally out of the blue
> Lucas and Atheros usurped maintenance of gjots2 from me without NMU, MIA
> or any form of communication with me whatsoever.  I am very active, both
> in Debian and Ubuntu, anything but MIA.  I have a working e-mail
> account.  About a week ago I asked them to reverse their changes which
> until today hasn't happened so I went ahead and did it myself now, doing
> their clean-up work.
> They might want to argue that gjots2 was poorly maintained and hasn't
> seen an upload to unstable for years.  That still would not give them
> reason to do what they did.  In fact, I have always taken my
> responsibilities seriously.  There are good reasons there was no
> upload.  If they had bothered to check the upstream bug tracker or the
> upstream branch at
> https://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/gjots2.git they would
> have surely realized I followed upstream closely.  It was simply that I
> was never satisfied with any of the upstream releases.  I have been in
> contact with upstream about this via bug tracker and e-mail (many of
> which bounced, so progress has been slow).  Even the latest upstream
> release 3.0.2 does not work for me and thus I would not upload it to
> unstable.  Agreed, gjots2 is not in good shape but it's not because of a
> lack of effort from the Debian Maintainer.
> Lucas and Atheros hijacked my package and then failed to clean up after
> the mess they made despite being asked to do so.

Anyway,  Athos was writing some patches and he wanted to send them to
you for review. We will leave your package as it is and I wish you can
keep working on it.

Sorry for the miscommunication and this noise in debian-devel.


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