* The Wanderer <wande...@fastmail.fm> [190807 09:28]:
> Cloning isn't the only example of a case where some machine-specific
> configuration detail may need to be updated, without that being obvious
> in advance.
> I've begun to wonder whether it might be worth the overhead to set up
> some type of mechanism to let packages which define such
> machine-specific IDs A: declare the fact, in a central location which
> the sysadmin of a machine where that package is installed can easily
> check, and B: define an automated way of performing the appropriate
> update / regenerate step in a way which covers all known places where
> the ID needs to be updated.

I think this is a good idea, but will require work and coordination to
accomplish.  A wiki.debian.org page with your ideas and (perhaps on a
separate page) a place to list things that need updating after the
physical copying is complete would be wonderful, if you feel motivated
to get it started.  :-)  Hostname, machine-id (new to me too!), and ssh
host keys can start the list.


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