Jonathan Carter <> writes:

> On 2019/08/14 20:02, Sam Hartman wrote:
>> If you're going to set up a repository for Debian packaging on Salsa,
>> you need to either:
>> 1) turn off merge requests
> That would be quite horrible IMHO, this is the de facto method that
> young (let's say under 35 years old) developers use to submit
> improvements to other projects. We have all the infrastructure and tools
> conveniently in place to accommodate this, it seems suboptimal to treat
> MRs as a second class citizen.

Would it not be possible to have a webhook (or similar) that could
receive notifications of MRs, and automatically create a bug report
containing the current state of the MR as a patch?

Of course, if people then fiddle with their MR, the patch may well be
useless, which is likely to force one to actually deal with the MR
within gitlab anyway (or to bugs in the BTS with streams of mostly
useless generated patches ... but at least one would have captured the
history that way).

If the generated bug report included links to guide the maintainer
straight to the diff as it currently exists that would minimise the pain
for non-MR-happy maintainers ... along with a link to a wiki page where
we could collect tips like the one just mentioned by Holger.

The webhook could also add a comment to the MR linking to the new bug in
the BTS.

That way, people that intend to mostly ignore MRs could still allow
people to make contributions in their preferred style, while gently
guiding them towards interacting via the BTS, simply by adding the
relevant webhook to the project's Integrations settings.

That seems rather more welcoming than simply turning MRs off, which is
likely to make some people go and find something more enjoyable to do
with their time than contributing to that project.

Cheers, Phil.
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