>JFTR: aptitude (and all other libapt-based frontends) can make use of
>that feature via the config option APT::Sources::With, the commandline
>flag is just syntactic sugar.

Doesn’t match my use case of repository injection for anything
that might call apt later.

I could, perhaps, add stuff to apt.conf.d, if these things are
cumulative, but it doesn’t feel right.

My use case here is to use (unpatched) cowbuilder with pbuilder
to build packages for distributions reaching back from sid to
as far as, sometimes, lucid and sarge, although mostly precise
and wheezy (with the occasional lenny thrown in) are the upper
end these days.

Incidentally, I need these features *more* on the *older*
distros, and for debian-ports.

I agree on [trusted=yes] and Release-less repos being needed
only for the file case (although others reported needing
[trusted=yes] for some remore repos… OBS specifically doesn’t
need it though, they publish Release.gpg and, recently, even
InRelease files nowadays).

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