On Fri, 16 Aug 2019, gregor herrmann wrote:
> From what I know, this what not a "foolish user action" but an action
> by a dedicated maintainer who enabled salsa-ci for all packages
> ("projects") of a specific team; so they used a service advertised by
> the salsa and salsa-ci teams. That this service doesn't work as
> advertised or at least doesn't work for the amount of packages a
> medium-sized team might have is deplorable and needs some action but
> I don't see any reason for calling this action itself foolish.


FWIW, I did the same for Kali linux on 500 packages which are
hosted on https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/packages/ and it generated that many
pipelines as well without any significant issue.

Obviously, gitlab.com has certainly much more resources behind it
than salsa but I believe that we should be able to just do that without
bringing salsa to its knees. It's quite common to do mass-update to many
repositories with "mr" and that would generate just as many pipelines

I understand that the Salsa admins will have to find ways to grow the
available resources and so far they did a very good job on this level,
(except the part where they always express their grumpyness in a way that
is hostile to many users) so I'm confident that they will find solutions.

They already moved most of the work to external Google VM to make the service
scale (at the start it was running entirely on the few dedicated
runners). Same for storage of many artifacts/log files.

When we looked into replacing FusionForge, GitLab was not necessarily
their preference (at least for formorer IIRC) but they listened to the
feedback from DD on this level and it's pretty clear (at least to me)
that the GitLab CI features are the reason why many DD voted for GitLab.

So, indeed, we should not blame users because they enable CI, we selected
GitLab because of those features.

In summary: thank you Salsa admins and keep up the good work! (And try to be
less grumpy)

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