On 2019-08-15 12:22:58 +0200 (+0200), Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I've read that this year, there was some efforts to add Gitlab
> support to Zuul. I don't know what the status is though, but I
> know that it's possible to add Gerrit in front, and then have
> Gerrit plugged to Zuul.

While several Gitlab users have expressed an interest in writing a
connection driver to be able to actively integrate Zuul, I'm aware
of no actual work started to contribute this yet. For the moment
Zuul only integrates with Gerrit, Pagure and Github (in addition to
its generic Git driver), with support for Bitbucket now very close
to being finished as well. I know the Zuul community would welcome a
driver for Gitlab, but that's unlikely to materialize unless people
who want to use Zuul and Gitlab together write and contribute it.

The Debian community went all-in on Gitlab, and that has included
increasing reliance on Gitlab's built-in CI solution. Even though
I'm an upstream Zuul maintainer, I'm not going to advocate for it
here, or indeed for any particular solution, as I'm a firm believer
in projects using what works best for them. I'm simply glad to see
increasing uptake of automated testing in Debian relying on
free/libre open source software, but have no interest in viewing
choice between these solutions as a competition. When any one free
software solution wins, we all win.
Jeremy Stanley

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