On 2019/09/12 18:30, Mo Zhou wrote:
> Agreed. there are already python2 forks such as:
> https://github.com/naftaliharris/tauthon
> It may sound funny but I don't hope any python2 stuff get back with
> a new name after the python2 removal. But, it could happen if some
> people is willing to support and maintain...
> How should Debian react if someone submitted an ITP for python2
> forks, such as the tauthon above?

It would probably be handled just like any other piece of new software
entering Debian. I can't speak for the entire Python team, but the
Python team would probably not pay much (or any) attention to it
whatsoever and it would be unfair for anyone to expect that from the
Python team. Just like with any other software, it would just need an
active set of contributors behind it.

Personally I just don't think putting a significant amount of effort
into a python2 fork is worth while long-term. It's just adding more
technical debt. Instagram is one of the largest sites in the world and
switched over to python3 because they say they realised that no
significant performance work is still going into python2, that's all
happening in the python3 world now. JP Morgan's Athena[1] project has
over 35 million lines of python code over 150 000 python modules and
they regret starting so late but aim to complete migrating the critical
core pieces by the 2nd quarter of 2020.

My point is that the world is moving to python3, maybe not as fast as
everyone would like, but putting in additional work to stick with
python2 would mean confining yourself to an ever faster shrinking
universe and earning interest on that technical debt and you'll end up
with code that no one will want to touch in either terms of working on
it or using it.

So, I don't think it would be a problem accepting such fork in Debian, I
think Debian would be indifferent to it, but in terms of a consumer of
such a fork I believe it's better to pull the plaster fast, do the work
now to get it updated, or it will just get more expensive in the future.



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