Hello debian-devel,

TL:DR; What are the drawbacks of providing an rsync udeb (and
am I right regarding the pros)?

I would like to check in with you before moving on with this feature

rsync: Please provide an rsync udeb

My main problem here is that I'm not experienced with udebs
and using anna, so I might be missing something important

It looks like there's good value to be delivered to our users by
providing an rsync udeb, as described in the bugreport, but I'm
afraid of missing some possible drawback here. For example,
when reading the docs about udeb I noticed that there's lots of
details that need to be paid attention to, like having all deps as
udebs and listing the menu item number as 99999 (not listed in
the installer, but available to anna).

The dependencies libacl1 and libattr1 would also need to provide
udebs, and the maintainer is the same person, I will contact them
if this proceeds.

So would anyone advise me against doing so, and why?


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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